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AcuFeed Layered Fabric Feeding System

It perfectly guides your fabric from both the top and the bottom. Only Janome truly integrates its innovative AcuFeed foot with a unique seven-point feed dog system, ensuring all fabrics move smoothly even through thick layers of quilting fabric and batting.




163 Stitches With On-Screen Manipulation

Choose from dozens of decorative and quilting stitches. With its enhanced screen clarity and additional screen detail, all of the stitches are easier to choose, customise and save into memory.





Start/Stop Button

When you’re doing those long seams or you’ve dropped the feed dogs to do free motion quilting over a large area, you can relax your pedal foot. The handy start/stop button makes a big difference when you spend a lot of time at your machine.




Knee Lift

Raise the presser foot without taking your hands off your work. It’s like having an extra hand and it is crucial for quilting and other projects with long or repetitive seams.




Automatic Thread Cutter

Simply touch the key to manually snip your thread. You can also program the snip at the end of a stitch.





Wide Open Spaces

Spread out on the largest arm and bed space of any household sewing machine in our range: 9” x 5” (225mm x 120mm). The design is not only spacious; it’s also ergonomic and intuitive.




Easy Needle Threader

This is another great time saving feature to get you sewing faster. Just push down the lever, loop the thread through, release, and you’re ready to sew.

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